• Christian  Education

    Christian Education

    The Christian Education and Nurture Committee (CENC) is a committee of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria General Assembly.

    We have several responsibilities. These include....

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  • Women's Ministries Victoria.

    Women's Ministries Victoria.

    Womens Ministries Victoria is an initiative of the Christian Education and Nurture Committee, Victoria Read More
  • See  for Yourself.

    See for Yourself.

    See For Yourself is a four year course in Scripture teaching, written, within the Reformed and Evangelical understanding, for students in junior and middle high school years.

    It is designed to be used in a variety of situations such as church groups, Christian schools, home schools. Indeed wherever there is a young person who desires to learn more of God's ways this course is for them. The course is suitable for ages approximately twelve to seventeen years.

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  • PYV


    Presbyterian Youth VictoriaThe PYV is the where it all happens for the Presbyterian Church of Victoria young people. We are our own organisation, with our own website ...


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